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New Release : Little Farm in the Garden: A Practical Mini-Guide for

Raising Selected Fruits and Vegetables Homestead-Style... It's a friendly,

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The sequel to award-winning Little Farm in the Foothills


After two city-bred Boomers weather their first, tumultuous year on their rural backyard farm, the couple foresees smooth sailing for the future…then they discover their homesteading journey has only begun. In this lively true story, Susan and her husband John cope with the demands of their middle years while raising chickens, creating a self-sufficient lifestyle, and living closer to—and often battling—nature.  Here's more about Little Farm Homegrown...


Like the first Little Farm in the Foothills memoir, Little Farm Homegrown is a life-affirming tale for gardeners, nature-lovers, and dreamers of all ages...


You can request a free print or ebook copy at your local library, order a print copy at your neighborhood bookstore, or find the book at your favorite online retailer, including Amazon , Kobo Nook and Apple !  


Latest Village of Ballydara novel

The Galway Girls, Book 4

Two friends search for their heart’s desire in this deeply romantic Irish novel. Kerry has fallen in love all over again with her husband Stephen, and after their miscarriage, she longs to try for another baby... Her best friend Fiona has left her free-spirited life behind her. Or so she thinks—until she finds herself caught between Dublin artist Colm, the man she was once mad about, and the sweet, youthful passion of Davie, who can see the woman she’s meant to be.


Follow this warmhearted tale of love lost and love found among the misty green hills of the Galway countryside! 

"Loved it to pieces!" Gayle Brosnan-Watters

Find out more about the series, or 

Read a sample


Coming up: A New Ballydara novel, Book 5!

It Only Takes Once

Book 1 of the series is now free!


In this charming Irish tale of love, friendship and family, twenty-six-year-old Aislin, a Dublin single mum, is at a crossroads: while a lot of her life needs improvement, what she really needs is a father. Not for herself, mind, but for her young son, daddy-hungry Kevin—she’s determined to succeed at motherhood, if nothing else. So Aislin follows the mad impulse to track down the perfect father-figure for her little boy...who else but Ben Carpenter, her first love.


And that’s when she discovers her life has only begun to get complicated! In this heartfelt novel of second chances and forgiveness, will Aislin find her own fairy tale ending?

Irish love stories, fantasy-adventures for tweens, and homesteading memoirs!

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