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Welcome to the Home of Susan Colleen Browne!

Interested in food gardening, country life and Ireland? You'll find free ebooksmy Irish fiction series, & Little Farm homesteading memoirs! 

See the ebook at a special price in my brand-new online store... Paperback coming soon!

New Book! Little Farm in the Henhouse is now available in ebook and print!

Little Farm in the Henhouse brings you the joys and challenges of keeping a backyard flock of laying hens...

In this 4th book of the Little Farm series, you’ll discover the magic and teachable moments of raising hens in the middle of the woods.


Whether you already have a flock of "girls" or or thinking of getting one, you'll discover lots of practical tips and best practices for your chickens’ health and contentment!


You'll find Little Farm in the Henhouse at Amazon, Kobo,  Apple, Nook and all online retailers...  And you can request the ebook or paperback at your local public library!

Here's a sample of Little Farm in the Henhouse...

There's lots more about the book and a Special Bonus ebook in The Chicken Issue, my March newsletter!

Susan Colleen Browne Autor of Irish Love stoies

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Free ebook: Little Farm in the Garden, an Amazon Bestseller...and now in Print! 

Available at your favorite online bookstore, like Amazon, Kobo or Apple and other online retailers.


Or just click the cover for the PDF to read on your computer.

For more gardening tips, recipes, and chicken tales, visit my Little Farm in the Foothills Blog!

The sequel to award-winning Little Farm in the Foothills... 

Here's more about Little Farm Homegrown...

Village of Ballydara novels!

It Only Takes Once

Book 1 of the series is now free!


In this charming Irish tale of love, friendship and family, twenty-six-year-old Aislin, a Dublin single mum, is at a crossroads: while a lot of her life needs improvement, what she really needs is a father.


And she soon discovers her life has only begun to get complicated! In this heartfelt novel of second chances and forgiveness, will Aislin find her own fairy tale ending?

Th Galway Girls by Susan Colleen Browne

The Galway Girls, Book 4

Two friends search for their heart’s desire in this deeply romantic Irish novel, which includes a younger man romance...and chickens!


Follow this warmhearted tale of love lost and love found among the misty green hills of the Galway countryside! 

"Loved it to pieces!" Gayle Brosnan-Watters

Read a sample

 Here's more about the Village of Ballydara series...


 The Fairy Cottage of Ballydara, a tender Irish novel of love and family, is the latest book of the Ballydara Trilogy!

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