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The Fairy Cottage of Ballydara

Village of Ballydara series, Book 7

A nanny-boss love story, a ramshackle cottage in a quaint Irish village, and a young woman reaching for her dreams...


With her career going down the tubes, Emma Carey vows to fulfill her one New Year's resolution. It couldn't be easier: she'll make quick journey from Dublin to rural County Galway to do a small favor for her former colleague, Declan O'Donoghue—who had almost been a friend. And who, for a lovely little while, had been more than a friend. And then suddenly…hadn't.

Yet when a week-long nanny gig falls into her lap, Emma figures a friendly, picturesque little spot like Ballydara would be a great place to quickly lick her career wounds before she makes a fresh start. Problem: it's not just any nanny gig—it's working for Declan. In his house.

Emma discovers one of his kids is absolutely darling. But the others are a real handful--and the narky cottage next door makes her job even more complicated. She has to wonder, exactly what has she gotten herself into?

Single dad Declan has been going it alone far too long…and he's completely gobsmacked to find Emma in Ballydara—the woman he’s yearned for and never forgotten. When she accepts his very temporary offer to mind his daughters, his life, and Emma's, takes a completely new turn…

Caring for Declan's kids in a lovable, close-knit community, will Emma finally find the life and love she's dreamed of at the Fairy Cottage of Ballydara?

Wise and warmhearted, The Fairy Cottage of Ballydara is the third novel of the Emma trilogy, and the sequel to Becoming Emma, part of Susan Colleen Browne's Irish Village of Ballydara series...and by the way, my free short story below, The Secret Well, is a prequel to Emma and Declan's story!


Find the ebook at all your favorite retailers...or request at your neighborhood library! 

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