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Little Farm in the Henhouse


          A True-Life Tale of Hen-Keeping Homestead-Style

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Little Farm in the Foothills series, Book 4


This engaging memoir follows a midlife couple’s hen adventures in the Foothills of the Cascade Mountains--with nature and wildlife in the mix!

Despite Susan and John’s inexperience, they bring six pullets to their wooded acreage. On the fly, they must figure out chicken care and habits, as well as chicken personalities, and most important of all, chicken protection.


In this 4th book of the Little Farm homesteading series, Susan and John experience joy in their hens...but many sorrows as well. Yet in these engaging chicken tales, you may discover that hens don't simply provide eggs--they may give you a deeper appreciation for all living creatures. 

Praise for Little Farm in the Foothills, Book 1:


"The Browne's foray into slower an enjoyable read. Their delightful, yet very real, experiences in making the big leap toward their dreams make for a humorous and charming book." 

--Washington State Librarian Jan Walsh


"A delightful account."

--The Bellingham Herald  

The story behind Little Farm in the Foothills

When two Boomers flee the city for a slower, simpler, and more serene lifestyle, they discover that simplicity can get awfully complicated… and life becomes anything but serene.

In this award-winning, feel-good tale for gardeners, nature-lovers, and dreamers of all ages, Little Farm in the Foothills follows a midlife couple’s pursuit of the “new” Great American Dream—living closer to the land—as Susan and John start growing their own organic food, living more simply, and transforming an old clearcut into a little homestead.

And they discover an adventure that is more life-changing than they could have ever imagined. As Susan writes of their Foothills home, “it’s not a farm, it’s not even a ‘farmette,’ but it’s the dream of a farm.”

Little Farm in the Foothills is not a memoir about farming ... it’s a warmhearted story of making a dream come true.

Little Farm in the Foothills series, Book 2


After two city-bred Boomers weather their first, tumultuous year on their rural backyard farm, the couple foresees smooth sailing for the future…then discovers their homesteading journey has only begun.

Like the first Little Farm in the Foothills memoir, Little Farm Homegrown is a life-affirming tale for gardeners, nature-lovers, and dreamers of all ages.

You can request a free print or ebook copy at your local library, order a print copy at your neighborhood bookstore, or find the book at your favorite online retailer, including Amazon , Kobo Nook and Apple !  

Interested in Raising chickens, Cooking with home-grown ingredients, and Life on a small homestead? Check out my Little Farm blog!

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