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Workshops with Susan Colleen Browne... Fall 2023

Grow a Homestead-Style Food Garden at Whatcom Community College! 

Tuesday, September 26, 2023! 

Interested in planting a sustainable food garden for greater self-reliance? Join Susan Colleen Browne, author of the homesteading memoir, Little Farm Homegrown, for a fun and practical class focusing on backyard farming essentials. We’ll explore crops and native plantings bested suited for our local area, working with nature for a chemical-free garden, and developing your food-raising calendar.


We'll also discuss harvesting and storing your crops, and ways to jump-start your planting for next spring. Learn how to eat from your garden nearly year-round and discover the joys of simpler living!

Watch this space for the next session of Grow a Homestead-Style Food Garden!


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