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Mother Love, Book 2

On the wedding day of the only man she’s ever loved, brash, irrepressible Grainne Larkin is keen for a fresh start—why not settle for the nice guy in the wings who’s successful, and mad about her too? 


But when handsome American maverick Rafe Byrne, her old flame, turns up in Ballydara a free man, Grainne comes up with a new plan...

Mother Love, written by Susan Colleen Browne, is a romantic Irish story set in the colorful Village of Ballydara. She vividly portrays a written slice of contemporary life in Ireland…a story of love, growth, and healing—and a fun and entertaining read.”Chanticleer Reviews

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The Irish Village of Ballydara series

Novels and short stories set in an endearing, old-fashioned little town in Galway...


The 1st novel of the series: Lying low in the quaint little village of Ballydara, twentysomething Aislin is faced with decisions about trust and forgiveness.  Can a commitment-shy single mum find lasting love? It Only Takes Once is now a free ebook at Amazon, Kobo, Barnes & Noble, and the Apple Book store... 

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Mother Love, Book 2

In Mother Love, the second novel of the Village of Ballydara series, meet brash, irreverent Grainne Larkin, a modern Irish heroine juggling family relationships with Rafe Byrne, the man she can’t forget. When she takes a reckless chance with her future, Grainne soon discovers that opening her heart is the biggest risk of all…


"Mother Love, written by Susan Colleen Browne, is a romantic Irish story set in the colorful Village of Ballydara. She vividly portrays a written slice of contemporary life in Ireland…a story of love, growth, and healing…that lives up to the lore of Irish tales. If you like an entertaining light romance that is full of Irish humor and family fun, Browne’s story telling will not disappoint.” Chanticleer Reviews    

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Only Takes Once
Mother Love

The Hopeful Romantic, Book 3

In this tender romantic novel, Kerry McCormack, a thirtysomething Irish wife and mother, longs to trade her cubicle-bound job for a simpler life. After a miscarriage, she and her husband Stephen are both grieving, their once-passionate marriage shattered, just as a secret from Kerry’s past suddenly comes to light....  Read a sample

The Hopeful Romantic was a pleasure to read for its engaging characters, its authenticity, and its unforgettable moments…a poignant and, sometimes humorous, old-fashioned romantic story.” Chanticleer Reviews 

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Hopeful Romantic

The Galway Girls, a fun read for gardeners!

Book 4, and the sequel to The Hopeful Romantic

Two friends search for their heart’s desire in this romantic Irish story. Kerry has fallen in love all over again with her husband Stephen, and after their miscarriage, she longs to try for another baby. Her best friend Fiona has left her free-spirited life behind her.


Or so she thinks—until she finds herself caught between Dublin artist Colm, the man she was once mad about, and the sweet, youthful passion of Davie, who can see the woman she’s meant to be. Follow this warmhearted tale of love lost and love found among the misty green hills of the Galway countryside!

“Browne has done wonderful work in capturing Ireland’s language, socioeconomic picture and current cultural milieu, from pubs to puddings.”

—The Bellingham Herald

Galway Girls

Mystical stories about the O'Donoghue family, set in the Village of Ballydara

Secret well cover 2020.jpg

In this luminous, bittersweet story, Frank O’Donoghue’s retirement celebration is marred when his son Declan tells his startling news. The next day, St. John's Eve, Frank wants to help his son, and longs for a fresh start for his relationship with Maeve, his wife. Going to a hidden glen, Frank has an extraordinary experience that leads him to re-examine his own life, marriage, and what it means to be a father. 

Christmas Visitor 2020.jpg

A lonely cottage in the Irish countryside...a rare snowstorm the night before Christmas Eve...

Grieving Maeve O’Donoghue hasn’t the heart to celebrate Christmas this year. A mysterious stranger, a young woman, arrives at her home, seeking shelter for the night. In this tender, magical tale, can an unexpected blessing and a bit of fairy lore help a family rediscover the true meaning of Christmas? The sequel to The Secret Well.

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Short Stories
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