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Happy New Year!

What's New: 2017 promises to be a big year for books and classes! I'm hard at work on Book 4 of my Village of Ballydara series, The Galway Girls, scheduled for release this spring. Also in 2017, watch for the follow-up to my backyard farming memoir, Little Farm in the Foothills, entitled Little Farm Homegrown. 

Currently on my Little Farm blog, you'll find "Resolutions Resolved," as well as a  twist on a chocolate chip cookie recipe and a tribute to my favorite TV show, now and forever:  "Downton Abbey: Back to the Future".

As always, a big thank you to my readers, and all of you who visit my website and check out my blog...I'd love to hear from you! Share your Irish stories or thoughts about my books. You can email me, visit me at Goodreads or  Google+ or leave a comment on my blog

And whether you're Irish or simply Irish in spirit, I hope you'll take a look at my Irish Books and Movies page...there's something for everyone!
​                                               ​     Susan Colleen Browne

Book 1, It Only Takes Once
Little Farm in the Foothills... a modern homesteading memoir
"The urge to contact an old boyfriend should be treated with extreme caution," says Dublin single mom Aislin Moore. Deciding that her daddy-hungry son Kevin has been without a father long enough, she follows the mad impulse to find the perfect father figure for her little boy...who else but Ben Carpenter, her first love and the man she's never forgotten?

And that's when Aislin learns life has only begun to get complicated...

A Whitethorn Press print & ebook.
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Irish stories of love,  friendship and books for tweens and a country memoir!
In this wise, yet lighthearted story for gardeners, nature-lovers, and dreamers of all ages, follow a midlife couple's true-life pursuit of the "new" Great American Dream as they transform an old clearcut into a little homestead. A Whitethorn Press trade paperback and ebook.

"The Browne's foray into slower living in Whatcom County is an enjoyable read. Their delightful, yet very real, experiences in making the big leap toward their dreams make for a humorous and charming book." 
...Washington State Librarian Jan Walsh

"A delightful account." ...The Bellingham Herald  

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Upcoming Events...​

My "Experience Ireland: Along the Atlantic Coast" workshop at Whatcom Community College takes place Thursday, March 16, 2017. I'll have a slideshow, travel tips, lots of Irish history and stories of my travels in Ireland!

Earth Day, April 22, will find me at Whatcom Community College, teaching a new class, "Grow a Homestead-Style Food Garden." Feel free to email me for more details! 

If you're interested in raising your own food, cooking with home-grown ingredients, and life on a small homestead, I hope you'll check out my Little Farm blog... You'll also find fun Irish stuff, book news and excerpts!

Book 2, Mother Love
On the wedding day of the only man she’s ever loved, Grainne Larkin is keen for a fresh start—why not settle for the nice guy in the wings who’s successful, and mad about her too? 

But when handsome American maverick Rafe Byrne, her old flame, turns up in Ballydara a free man, Grainne comes up with a new plan...

A Whitethorn Press print & ebook.   
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The Irish Village of Ballydara series...set in an endearing, old-fashioned little town in Galway...

The Hopeful Romantic, Book 3

In this holiday story, Kerry McCormack has a loving family and a beautiful home in the suburbs, yet this thirty-something Dublin girl is wondering, “is this all there is?" After years of a passionate marriage, she’s grown apart from her husband Stephen. Unresolved grief is only creating more distance between them, just as a secret from Kerry’s past suddenly comes to light...  Read a sample

A Whitethorn Press print and ebook

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 To share your favorite Irish names--or suggest one for my stories--or find out more about my classes and events, feel free to contact me!